Saturday, January 31, 2015

Donate in the 2015 FebruMary Challenge on February 6

FebruMary is here and as defending champions, it's time and rally and donate to the $10 Million for Mount Holyoke campaign. Alumnae from 1970–2015 are competing to see who has the most people donate, and each class has a 24-hour period to donate in. Ours is February 6, so head here to donate and participate in other contests and special things happening over the month. Let's go, 2006!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Congrats to Eva Visscher-Simon!

Eva Visscher-Simon wrote in to say that she "was lucky enough to see several MoHo's recently at my wedding.  My partner, Dustin, and I exchanged our vows in Costa Rica so that our guests could enjoy some margaritas on the beach.  The MoHo's who got a tan included: Sulaiha Olatunji (Schwartz) '06, Laura Valente '06, Christine Leonard '06, Esa Aigamaua '06, Rhea Ghosh  '05, Rebecca Frank '96.  They even elfed me on the day of the wedding!  It was unreal how incredible and fun it was to gather our friends and families together. We had such an amazing time that there's even talk of an "Anniversary party" in two years time (MHC reunion style).  

Since our return to Amsterdam I'm busy finishing my LLM in Public International Law from Utrecht University and we're busy packing up our apartment. In February we're moving to San Francisco.  I'm really looking forward to (re)connecting with MoHo's out on the west coast.  However, I will definitely miss the MoHo crowd in The Netherlands (especially Mary Tressider, Katya Ivanova, Evelyn Kapusta, Silvia Maulini, and Claire Brouwer).  Looking forward to my last NL MHC Alumnae group cooking class in January."

Congrats to Eva! Have an update or photo you'd like to share on the blog? Email